The three rooms, Prajna, Gayatri and Saraswati symbolize realization, wisdom and knowledge.
They are the names of the Goddess of Wisdom.


This ergonomically designed wet room has been crafted with the primary focus of serving as an airotor hands-on training cum workshop room. With nine wet work tables (each equipped with compressed air, water supply with drainage, and foot controls), along with an LCD screen, Prajna is suitable for conducting training workshops and didactic sessions involving close interaction between the participants on dummies and mounted phantom heads.

Capacity Functionality Audio Visuals
9 Airotor hands-on training, workshops and didactical sessions. 32 inch LCD with VGA and HDMI ports.



This boardroom styled area boasts of a 12 pax seating capacity in a U-shaped arrangement and state-of-the-art conference facilities. Its versatility enables it to be used for various programmes /events like conducting meetings, seminars, lectures, study meets, workshops and hands-on training for a focused group. A live relay of procedures and two way audio communication from the Surgical Operatories 1 and 2 is also possible to this hall.

Capacity Functionality Audio Visuals
12 Meetings,seminars,lectures,study meets,product launches,workshops and hands-on training. 50 inch LCD with HDMI port, Sony HD handicam on tripod, hand held mike.



This is the larger room, with a seating capacity of 28 pax with individual, self-sufficient work stations. It is connected to surgical operatory 1 via a viewing gallery through which the participants can observe live surgical procedures. A projector with 3500 lumens output serves as the display medium. Portable microphones allow dynamic 2 way discussions. Additionally, a 50 inch LCD screen on the lateral wall is available for ease of viewing.

Capacity Functionality Audio Visuals
28 Live surgical relay,meetings,seminars,lectures,study meets,workshops and hands-on training. 3500 Lumens projector with a motorised screen. Sony HD handicam on tripod, hand-held mike, head mike.


Surgical Operatories 1 and 2

The surgical operatories 1 and 2 give an ideal set up for live relays into the seminar halls Saraswati and Gayatri. The operatories come equipped with a state of the art Dental unit having hi-vac suction, Sony HD video camera on tripod, X-ray machine. This is a perfect setting for live demonstration of surgical procedures with a two way communication into the seminar hall. There is a provision for ceiling mounting of high definition video camera in surgical operatory1. The operatories are also equipped with preview monitors for the operator’s comfort. The surgical operatory 1 can be booked with the Saraswati hall and the surgical operatory 2 can be booked with the Gayatri hall.

Functionality Audio Visuals
Live surgical procedures with relay to Gayatri & Saraswati.Preview screen available for operator. AV transmission can be HDMI,SDI, Composite or RGB.Sony HD handicam on tripod for live demo screening. Provision for ceiling mount of HD video camera.



The cosy cafeteria has an attached fully equipped pantry. Its eye-catching graffiti , coupled with elegant and comfortable bar stools besides the convenience of conventional chairs and tables lends an upscale feel. With a seating capacity of 20, it is equipped with tea/coffee machines for complimentary use by the organizers and participants. A variety of meals can be provided on request.



The swanky reception is spacious and done up in urbane tones with diffused lighting; it presents a chic ambience upon entering.

  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment.
  • Technical support by our well-trained staff.
  • Free high-speed wireless internet.
  • Comfortable and spacious.
  • Ample parking.


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